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Welcome to my online store. I'm so glad you are here.

I began making soap over a year ago. It started out as gifts for family and friends. I found that I loved making it. I loved picking fragrances, playing with color and designs. 

My story really began one day when I wanted to make soap, but didn't really have an idea in mind. It was the beginning of August and I thought, October is coming up and its breast cancer awareness month. I'll make some pink soaps in honor of my mom

My sweet mom is a two time breast cancer survivor. 5 years now.  I decided to make breast cancer soaps and any that sold, I'd take part of the proceeds and donate back to a local cancer charity. Fight Like a Girl was created and to be honest it wasn't at all what I had planned, more like a happy accident.  Little did I know that those soaps would be such a huge hit and so popular. What I decided to do on a whim has turned into this.  I was urged to create a Facebook page and to sell my soaps. So I did, that led to my page being shared and a marketing director seeing them. That led to a big order of mini soaps being given as gifts to mammogram patients during the month of October, and that has led me to here with an online store.

I love making soaps. I love homemade gifts. I love that its so good for your skin. I love that people love it.

I hope you are able to find something you love.

If you have any questions please ask :)